Mt. Holly Springs - History on Display

Saturday, July 6th 1-3 PM

The Amelia Givin Library, in partnership with the Cumberland County HistoricalSociety, Carlisle Area School District, and local historians/community members, is sponsored a project-based community-driven learning opportunity for Mt. Holly Springs Elementary students that focuses on Mt. Holly Springs history. The history topic for this first year revolves around Amelia Givin, who built the library bearing her name for the town of Mt. Holly Springs, and whose family built a paper mill in the town. During the month of May, students will research the topic and present their findings through various means which may include writing a paper, designing a poster, or using technology in innovative ways. The committee plans to recognize these projects in a community-wide event open to all. We propose to hold this event during Summerfair. Students will sing an updated version of the Mt. Holly Springs school song and present their projects. The event will be held at Amelia Givin Library. After the students’ presentations, the committee will serve ice cream on the library lawn. The event take place Saturday July 6th from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.