About the board

Our board of directors is made up entirely of volunteers from throughout the greater Carlisle area. Some represent businesses while others serve as community volunteers. We meet on the first month of each month to plan out each Summerfair event and also work with local businesses for financial support. Our goal is to offer free, family-friendly events around the 4th of July holiday for Carlisle’s residents. We want our region’s families to be able to be able to relax and enjoy activities close to home. With the generous support of many of our great sponsors, we are able to put on over 35 events each year over about a week-long period of time that include things like baby races, dog shows, a kid’s carnival, mini-golf tournament, Cheap Sneakers and Harrisburg Symphony concerts, open swimming pool nights, fishing derby, musical, and may other events. There truly is something for everyone.

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart." - Elizabeth Andrew.
We're always looking for volunteers. Please let us know if you have the heart.


2016 Summerfair Board


Tara Salisbury
Community Volunteer


Angela Mackey
Christian-Baker Co.


Jeff Seiple
Holy Spirit Hospital

Board Members

  • John Allen - Zeigler Brothers
  • Lori Aux - Verizon
  • Mike Black - Carlisle Area School District
  • Debbie Bubb - Community Volunteer
  • Brad Cashman - Community Volunteer
  • George Douglas - Salzmann Hughes, PC
  • Heather Mowers - Hershey Harrisburg Regional Visitors Bureau
  • Robin Scaer - YWCA Carlisle
  • Dottie Warner - Dickinson College
  • Maura Wilkerson - Carlisle Parks & Recreation
  • Russ Yinger - South Middleton Township